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90 Day Online Lifestyle Plan

Everybody - Everyday - For Life!™
Self-Health Lifestyle Plan

Self-Health Lifestyle Plan

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Applying the Science of Lifestyle, Epigenetics, and Health.

Easy, Comfortable, Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle Change

What to Do and HOW to Get Yourself to Do It – Enjoyably!

Avoiding Deprivation by Adding Healthy Choices First and Allowing Bad Habits to Naturally, Easily, and Comfortably Drop Away

Stay in Easy Comfort Zone – But Easily and Comfortably Expand the Zone

Clinically Proven Around the World

Identify and Remove the ‘5 Main Unhealthy Lifestyle Rocks’ and then Comfortably Float Downstream Toward Health, Happiness, and Quality of Life

Individualized Meal Plans – Matched to Your Preferences!

Individualized Physical Fitness Plans – Matched to Your Fitness Level!

Daily Psychological Fitness Plans – Improve Your Self-Control, Attitudes, and Moods!