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Dr. James L. Chestnut

B.Ed., M.Sc., D.C., C.C.W.P.

Dr. Chestnut has devoted his professional life to the implementation of evidence-based, lifestyle-centric healthcare and is one of the pioneers of what has now become known as lifestyle medicine. He is an internationally recognized expert in evidence-based lifestyle and wellness and prevention and, in addition to writing his revolutionary books on this topic, ‘The Wellness and Prevention Paradigm’ and 'Live Right for Your Species Type’, has lectured in virtually every state in the U.S., every province in Canada, and extensively throughout the U.K., Europe, Australia, and New Zealand (with invitations to South America, South Africa, Dubai, and Iceland).

Dr. Chestnut Giving Keynote Address in California


He has lectured at universities, professional and academic conferences, professional and public seminars, chiropractic and medical schools, and in public theatres. He has also been featured in countless radio and on-line interviews, and several documentaries, including ‘The Skinny on Fat’ and ‘Doctored’, for which he was an honored guest at the Premiere in New York City. He is also an award-winning author and has published articles in peer-reviewed scientific and clinical journals.

Dr Chestnut Presenting on Expert Panel in Florida Regarding Lifestyle Intervention for Obesity and Diabetes Prevention and Treatment

Dr. Chestnut Presenting on Expert Panel in Florida, USA


Dr. Chestnut Lecturing in New Zealand


Dr. Chestnut Giving Keynote Address in Edinburgh, Scotland


Dr. Chestnut Lecturing in Australia


Dr. Chestnut Lecturing in London, England


A Young Dr. Chestnut Lecturing in Dallas, Texas


Dr. Chestnut Lecturing in Dublin, Ireland


Dr. Chestnut Rocking it Out Before Speaking


Throughout the completion of his 12 years of post-secondary education, Dr. Chestnut received numerous academic awards and bursaries, as well as an athletic scholarship (rugby). While completing his Master of Science in Exercise Physiology with a specialization in neuromuscular adaptation, he was awarded an academic research grant and was the first student from the University of Victoria to be granted access to the Magnetic Resonance Imaging technology at the local hospital in order to measure muscle size changes more accurately than had ever been possible. This technology allowed him to conduct a landmark study in the field of neuromuscular responses to strength training which was published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

After then graduating as a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Chestnut wrote a book summarizing the basic science and clinical evidence for chiropractic adjustment/manipulation that received an award of distinction from the International Chiropractors Association for significant contribution to the scientific literature validating chiropractic as an evidence-based healthcare intervention.

Dr. Chestnut receiving "Chiropractor of the Year" Award


Dr. Chestnut Featured on Cover of American Chiropractor - The First Canadian to be Bestowed this Honor!


Dr. Chestnut then developed, wrote the texts, and taught the Evidence-Based Chiropractic and Lifestyle post-graduate certification program accredited through the International Chiropractors Association (ICA), the first accredited post-graduate lifestyle certification program in history. This literally pioneered the field of lifestyle medicine in clinical practice as a recognized specialty requiring post-graduate study and certification.

Soon afterward he began to receive requests to present the evidence from his books at chiropractic seminars and conventions around the world and quickly became one of the most sought after lecturers in his field, particularly with respect to the neurophysiology of joint motion and exercise and the implementation of evidence-based and patient-centric chiropractic and lifestyle care protocols. Dr. Chestnut became the first healthcare practitioner or lecturer in history to be awarded an O-Visa by the United States Immigration Service in recognition of his outstanding expertise in evidence-based lifestyle and wellness and prevention.


Dr. Chestnut with Governor Schwarzenegger after Speaking at ICA Fitness Symposium


Dr Chestnut with NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice in Las Vegas

Dr. Chestnut with NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice in Las Vegas, NV after collaborating on chiropractic public service announcement


Dr. Chestnut has received numerous awards of distinction for his texts, his program, and for his lecturing including Chiropractor of the Year, Researcher of the Year, Chiropractic Scientist of the Year, and Outstanding Service awards.

Dr. Chestnut Receiving "Researcher of the Year" Award


Dr. Chestnut also developed evidence-based chiropractic and lifestyle clinical intervention protocols which are in use in clinics around the world and have helped countless thousands of patients get and stay well through healthy lifestyle change. He also created an evidence-based supplement company - Innate Choice®.

Eat Well Move Well Think Well Lifestyle Implementation Camp

Eat Well - Move Well - Think Well Lifestyle Implementation Camp


Dr Chestnut Leading Morning YWTL Spinal Hygiene Exercises

Dr. Chestnut Leading YWTL Spinal Hygiene Exercises


Dr. Chestnut as a Young Forest Firefighter


Dr. Chestnut at 53 Playing Old-Boys Rugby Against Japanese Touring Side 


Most recently, in order to serve the public directly, Dr. Chestnut has developed this www.eatwellmovewellthinkwell.com website offering the Innate Choice Supplements, the on-line Eat Well – Move Well – Think Well® 90 Day Innate Lifestyle™ Plan and the Eat Well – Move Well – Think Well® newsletter service.

Dr. Chestnut’s goal is to provide evidence-based lifestyle information and interventions and help as many people as possible experience their innate genetic potential for physical and psychological health and quality of life. Without healthy lifestyle habits, health and quality of life are not possible and chronic illness and suffering are inevitable. If you want a better life, you need to develop and sustain better lifestyle habits – this is biological law!

Dr. Chestnut is an expert in teaching others what healthy lifestyle habits are required, and, most importantly, how to develop these habits in ways that are easy and sustainable and even enjoyable. His information and implementation protocols have helped hundreds of thousands of others and they can certainly help you.