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New Studies Show Exercise Protects Against Brain and Body Aging


Eat Well – Move Well – Think Well®


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“Physical activity and fitness have been shown to be neuroprotective in the aging process, but the exact mechanisms underlying this neuroprotection need to be further evaluated. The current study sought to examine the influence of physical activity and fitness on the association between executive function and the strength of anti-correlated brain networks in community-dwelling older adults.”

“Results indicate physical activity and fitness may serve as protective factors for the aging brain.”

“Walking pace is a simple and functional form of movement and a strong predictor of health status, but the nature of its association with leucocyte telomere length (LTL) is unclear. Here we investigate whether walking pace is associated with LTL, which is causally associated with several chronic diseases and has been proposed as a marker of biological age.”

“In this large sample of middle-aged adults, we provide evidence that faster self-reported walking pace is associated with longer LTL.”

“Overall, these findings support more intensive habitual movement, such as faster walking pace (brisk walking), as potentially important determinants of LTL and overall health status in humans.”



“Strong associations with health status have been seen for habitual or self-rated walking pace, which has been associated with better physical fitness and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality, with brisk walkers having up to 20 years greater life expectancy compared to slow walkers.”



You need to engage in moderate intensity exercise at least 30 minutes per day! There is just no doubt that brisk walking has significantly greater health benefits than slow walking. However, any walk is better than none and gradually increasing your pace as you get fitter and more comfortable is absolutely wonderful.

Exercise, even something as simple as a brisk daily walk, is the most potent health recovery, health maintenance, and illness prevention intervention ever studied. You genetically require exercise in order to express health – period! No drug or surgery will EVER fix health problems caused by lack of exercise – but daily brisk walking can!!



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Dempsey et al. Investigation of a UK biobank cohort reveals causal associations of self-reported walking pace with telomere length. Communications Biology, 2022 5:381


Click HERE for printable NEWSLETTER PDF

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