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Eating Healthier Could Add a Decade to Your Life – Even at Age 60!

  Eat Well – Move Well – Think Well®   Click HERE for printable NEWSLETTER PDF QUOTE BOARD   “Food is fundamental for healt...

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Resistance Exercise Reduces Risk of Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Covid-19!

Eat Well – Move Well – Think Well®   QUOTE BOARD:   “Meeting the resistance exercise guidelines was associated with a 17% lowe...

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Evidence-Based COVID-19/FLU Prevention and Risk Reduction Supplementation Protocol

Szabo, Z et al. (2020) The Potential Beneficial Effect of EPA and DHA Supplementation Managing Cytokine Storm in Coronavirus Di...

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Immune Function, Immune Viral Defense, and Vitamin D: What Everyone Needs to Know

The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is having enormous effects on all aspects of our society. The focus of medical and pu...

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The Essential Role of Omega-3 and Vitamins A and D in Viral Immune Defense

Due to COVID-19 I have chosen to provide a review of the relationship between immune function, omega-3, Vitamin D and Vitamin A...

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Scientists and Doctors Call for Vitamin D Supplementation to Combat COVID-19

Over 100 Scientists, Doctors, & Leading Authorities Call For Increased Vitamin D Use To Combat COVID-19: https://vitamind4a...

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